Executive Committee Meeting AGENDA

February 23, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


1.       Data Dialogue: Jeannie Pezzoli-selection of data for Chancellorís Advisory Council Retreat

2.       Followup on Mayor and Council Chair Meetings: Tamanaha, Sakamoto

3.       Financial Aid Proposal: Kilohana Miller

4.       NSF COSSE grant with Akimeka

5.       Accreditation followup: reconcile plans in Self-Study with Strategic Plan 8 Yr Directions

6.       NLN Accreditation Visit Feedback

7.       Milan Moravec Consultancy and Workshops

8.       Tech Fee Action Memo and Business Plan Status

9.       Long Term Care Consortium

10.  Phone System

11.   Other Items

Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, February 23, 2007

8:30 am, Ka Lama 102


Attendees: ††† Lori Govaars, Dan Kruse, Cordy MacLaughlin, Karen Muraoka, Jeannie Pezzoli, Clyde Sakamoto, Frances Segundo, David Tamanaha


Data Review:Jeannie Pezzoli

Jeannie distributed and reviewed the following tables:

          Trend in Certificates and Degrees Awarded:Table shows an increase of 21.6 percent.The most appreciable growth is in Liberal Arts.

          MCC Historical Fall Headcount and FTE:There has been a decrease in the recent two years.††

          UHCC Historical Fall Headcount and FTE:Compares recent dip back to 2004.Though we have declined in recent years, we are still slightly above where we started in 1994.†† Concern here is whether this is going to be more permanent since we need tuition to support the College.

          Trend in Number of Program Majors:Shows where growth has been over the last five year period.

          Trend in Class Size Average: Table shows variations in average class size over the past five fall semesters.


Data will be presented to our Chancellorís Advisory Council members at their retreat.Committee members were asked to review the data over the next week and anticipate what questions Council members may have.Jeannie will add classified student information to the table.Section on number of graduates should be asterisked so Chancellorís Advisory Committee members will understand reasons for low numbers of graduates e.g. open admissions, college readiness, employability, scheduling.David will prepare financial information trend data.Cordy will provide Foundation data for the last five years.Challenge in determining context and focus of the data.


Followup on Mayor and Council Chair Meetings:Tamanaha, Sakamoto

We will be submitting a $750,000 proposal to Mayor Tavares.The Mayor is interested in supporting the College in the following areas:Energy, 4-Year University, Dental Hygiene (building on Dental Assisting program).We need first to clarify if we will be receiving legislative support for six Nursing positions.Dan noted that in the All Community College Faculty Senate Chair meeting President McClain announced that budget items in Tiers 1 and 2 and some items in Tier 3 will be supported as well as Repair and Maintenance.David will confirm this with Mike Unebasami.Suzette will be drafting proposal to submit to the Mayor.Council Chair Hokama and Budget Chair Pontanilla are very interested in supporting the College with land swap.


Financial Aid Proposal:Kilohana Miller

Deferred to next meeting.We are looking at distributing 9-11% of our tuition fees special funds to student scholarships.We have currently been awarding scholarships based on need.We will now be looking at awarding scholarships based on need and merit and some exclusively on merit.


NSF COSEE grant with Akimeka

We will be applying for an NSF grant with the Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence.Frannie Coopersmith is working on write-up for MCCís piece of this grant.The grant will initially be administered by Akimeka.We are looking for someone to serve as co-P.I., possibly Dr. Sally Irwin, from the College who has NSF experience.There will be a group of co-P.I.s who will rotate leadership on a five-year basis.The grant is to build a program that will include all of the marine needs and opportunities for Maui and creating an ocean education that would serve the region.


Accreditation Followup:Reconcile Plans in Self-Study with Strategic Plan 8 Yr. Directions

Pat Adams has identified all of the plans that are part of the self study and plans of the strategic plan that connect with the self study.†† Administratively we are looking at integrating the two.Pat will present a report at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Dan reported that John Morton announced at the ACCFSC meeting that all of the community colleges did well.Maui Community College will be doing a focused mid-term report.We will be focusing on student learning outcomes and some items required by the system, e.g. C.I.P. being accompanied by maintenance resources, addressing requirement to create a decision plan matrix for tracking what is occurring for any one of our plans and objectives, having timelines, and campus governance.

NLN Accreditation Visit Feedback

Visit went very well.The nursing program will receive accreditation for the full eight years.There were very minor kinds of suggestions made.


Discussion was held on where nursing portables should be placed.Options discussed were the rear parking lot (temporarily until we can grade another location), parking area next to the nursing building (area considered flood zone), or area below Kupa`a.These portables will probably become permanent structures and would not be ideally sited where it could interrupt the architecture.Consultants are waiting for a decision; preference expressed for area next to nursing.Safety, lighting, aesthetics are being considered in making a decision.Karen recommended looking at the possibility of having a facility next to the hospital.Clyde will discuss with Nancy and Wes Lo of Maui Medical Memorial Center.


Milan Moravec Consultancy and Workshops

Administrators have been talking with Milan Moravec (background can be found at moravicglobal.com).Milan is a faculty member who works with the University of California Berkeley in the College of Engineering and Environment.He was brought into UC Berkeley to design processes and teach students how to get things accomplished.We are soliciting his expertise to facilitate and identify steps in the four-year development.A group of faculty and staff members who will assume responsibility of moving the four-year agenda ahead will be put together.We can begin identifying faculty and staff who might be interested, who have scholarly capability and who are known for getting things done.This will coincide with leadership and professional development opportunities.Milan will work with faculty and staff members to determine their goals and their individual professional development.

Tech Fee Action Memo and Business Plan Status

Tech Fee Action Memo has been forwarded to Clyde via email for review.†† Deadline to the Presidentís office is Monday, February 26.


Long Term Care Consortium

The Maui Long Term Care Consortium is asking Maui Community College to consider housing the Longterm Care Consortium.Maui Community College is already a part of the consortium.Having discussions to understand what this would require.


Phone System

David has been referred to a local company to change the music on the telephone system.††


Other Items

Dan reported the following discussed at the All Campus Council and Community College Council meetings.

          There is a system submission to WASC that Linda Johnsrud will be submitting shortly.Linda is giving folks as opportunity to review the document and give feedback within the week.Dan was asked to email the document to Executive Committee members.

          Discussions on mandatory list serves are being held.Trying to come up with policies on how those list serves can be used.

          Discussions on textbook costs are also being held.UH Bookstore has 30% markup on books.David will check with our Bookstore to find out what our markup is.

          UH Hilo passed a resolution asking for a longer break between semesters to complete researches during the break.

          The Hamilton Library is having a major financial crisis.It was noted in the discussion that legislators would like to see electronic access to library materials.John Morton will be talking with community colleges and look at the possibility of putting together a complete digital library for the system.Another possibility is to negotiate access to the California digital library system.John Morton will be discussing this at the Chancellorsí meeting.A question on how this would impact library personnel was raised; did not see any impact to personnel.†† One area that has increased in need is teaching people information literacy.Lisa Sepa is working on a project to develop training for information literacy.†† We need to follow up with Lisa on where her project is.

          Academic resolutions were sent out.

          Science building funds released.

          Grading discussions are being held on the following:

-The return of the N grade for developmental courses

-What does CR grade count as?†† In some places it counts as a D and at others a C.

-Plus/minus system.


David announced that a power management software has been purchased.The software will be installed on our network.It will allow us to shut down computers at 10/10:30 at night.Computers that should not be turned off should be identified and will not be affected.