Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, August 24, 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Kahele Dukelow, Pam Hoopii, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha

Guest: Jeannie Pezzoli



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.       Data Dialog – Benchmark Project

          MCC is participating in Benchmark Project; review of terminology agreed upon by UH system

          Maui CC has submitted data based on Fall 2004; waiting for Benchmark results

          Jeannie has emailed info via Maui Announcements

          When national Benchmark results are available, Jeannie will report.

2.       First week follow-up

          Bookstore challenges identified

          Vehicle damaged in RDP parking lot

           Anatomy and physiology labs are limiting factor to accommodating more students

          2980 current enrollment: 1224 Liberal Arts;  973 CTE; 602 unclassified; 181 other (MCC not home campus) 

          Discussed discrepancies between system and Maui CC-generated data reports

          Alvin reviewed follow-up process for unclassified students

          Discussion of identifying groups and majors as well as categories of students at risk (unclassified; part time; distance ed; ethnic) that Banner can provide reports on so the appropriate campus depts. & organizations can assist in follow-ups.

          Suzette to discuss with Bruce Butler the possibility of offering more sections of A&P labs

          Alvin following up on allowing students to register while awaiting TB clearance

          First week support for students: D. Amby to provide Suzette with data for follow-up

          Alvin to check possibility of changing students’ majors in Banner

          Alvin to identify for next meeting what counselors are assigned to follow up with what students

           David to ask Computing Services for appropriate banner reports as groups of students are identified

          Alvin to provide more information on unclassified students and track progress

          Need to re-evaluate phone contact effectiveness 

3.       Tuition fees status - David

          $4K less than last year same time; not as many classes cancelled as last year

          Deficits have increased during summer.

          Culinary looking into management services RFP & to increase marketing & information to community; have identified roles played by faculty, Business Office & commercial partners

          Nursing: possible DHS & Weinberg partnerships being developed

          Upcoming deficit planning meetings will include Suzette, Diane, and dept. chair along with Chris & David

          Suzette will remind dept. chairs to apprise her of any new possible partnerships or development meetings

4.       Student Life draft space allocations

          Suzette identified possible office allocations in the renovated student life center

          Signs & keys will need to be re-coordinated according to occupants by David

5.       Univ. Center transfer statistics

          Karen reviewed new transfer data

          Discussion on what definition of “transfer student” will be used to describe and count

          Karen to provide at next meeting number of University Center students who started as MCC students & updated transfer data

6.       Pacific Radio Group

          Still pending

          Clyde will follow up on status

7.       Signatory authority

          Signatory delegation has been initiated from President down.

          Discussion on the importance of originators & those who have signing authority on documents being responsible & accountable

          New routing form being developed to include area for concise description of action and the name of the department whose account code is being charged; Colleen to send to David; he will finalize and distribute

8.       Re-allocating RTRF (research training revolving fund)

          Making RTRF funds available to departments w/in research and training parameters

          Suzette to present information to department chairs

9.       Position vacancies status

          David: O&M vacancies status reviewed; Cindy developing RDP fiscal support; Media & Computing positions discussed

          Suzette: Instructional Designer; Perkins/CTE/Articulation Coordinator; Banner support; Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Secretary – in process

          Assistant Dean – interviews possible by January

          Alvin: finalizing 3 counselor positions; Upward bound interviewing next week; 2 clerk positions in process

          Nursing: fiscal & counseling support positions in process

          Suzette to look into the process involved in changing the title of Assistant Dean to Assistant Vice Chancellor

          Vice Chancellors to follow up on all position appointments



10.   Library Conduct Code

          Department Chairs reviewed and supported library code

          Discussion on looking at similar code for other areas of campus

          Discussion on whether we should emphasize how library is different from other campus areas; possibility of security cameras

          David will ask legal counsel to review library conduct code

          Conduct code will be revisited after legal counsel has reviewed

          Need to check to see if library code conflicts with student code

          David & Alvin to develop a contact and delegated authority tree to be used in their absence


11.   Windmill update

          Clyde: alternate site locations still being considered for windmill

          David will provide Mike U. with updates

12.   Budget for FY2008

          Pending final tuition information

          To be finalized in next week or so