Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, September 14 , 2007

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Alex de Roode, Pam Hoopii, Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier, Liane Koga for Karen Muraoka, Cordy MacLaughlin, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer,  Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Mona Stevenson, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha

Guest: Jeannie Pezzoli



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.       Data Dialogue – Distance Education

          Jeannie reviewed & led discussion on distance education enrollments

          Online class enrollments doubled

          Cable classes limited by classroom size

          Banner program knowledge needed at all sites so that  enrollment in distance classes can be tracked and modified as needed to meet student demands for registration

2.       Bookstore status

          Suzette & Clyde met with Manoa bookstore manager Randy Tanaka and Fiscal Specialist  Jennifer Sogi

          Jennifer Tengan and Cassandra Kam are leading the effort to improve bookstore services for our students

3.       Enrollment status

          Alvin provided update. Currently at 3,001.  48 students who haven’t paid are being contacted

          David reported we’re in range of our tuition goal

          Discussion held on the importance of assisting students who may be in danger of dropping out of classes for various reasons

          Counselors calling students to offer assistance

          Faculty talking with students and reporting student absences and withdrawals to counselors

          Alvin to know definite enrollment by 9/19/07

          Student services is following up on undeclared and unclassified students; to complete by 9/21/07

          Suzette will identify personnel assigned to following up with students

          Need to do quick survey of students not showing up for classes and analyze data

          Everyone encouraged to inform Suzette if they notice that an instructor is not showing up for class

          Alvin to provide for next meeting results of how we’ve performed in terms of our “targets”

Introduction of Alex de Roode

          Sustainable Living Institute of Maui Director introduced


4.       Civility on campus

          Discussion was held on professional email protocol and the impact emails can have on faculty and staff 

          Katie will share article on email guidelines via Maui announcements

          Suzette to get feedback from department chairs on how they dealt with start of semester challenges

          Members asked to consider how to address issues discussed; discussion will continue at next meeting

5.       Chancellor’s Advisory Council Report

          Plan to provide committee response for upcoming program opportunities

          Reviewed & discussed list of areas for prospective responses to community needs and opportunities.

          Hawaiian Studies could be developed

          AC / refrigeration and leadership components should also be considered

          Colleen will email list to executive committee members and include areas suggested. Members to continue to review & provide input

6.       Akimeka, IBM

          Clyde shared developments and partnerships

          Meeting to be scheduled

7.       Housing update

          Alvin & Clyde provided updates

          Clyde will keep everyone informed on progress 

          Updates will be sent via Maui Announcements

8.       TFSF

          TFSF budget will be finalized soon

          RTRF to be distributed

          Concern about Spring 2008 TFSF

          Budget will be distributed as soon as enrollment for Fall finalized

          Final Annual Budget will also depend upon Spring enrollments

9.       University Center Data Report

          Liane Koga reviewed & distributed report in Karen’s absence

          Karen will work with computing center on new computer programs that will provide more accurate & relevant data

10.   Windmill

          David provided update

          Mayor & Planning Director being asked to meet with Maui CC in near future

11.   Legislative visits

          9/20/07 Rep. Kyle Yamashita – Ag, Tourism & Culture, & Economic committees requesting a meeting with Maui CC

          10/10/2007 Senate Ways & Means Chair Roz Baker has requested to have the Senate Ways and Means Committee visit and tour the campus along with County Council members and the Mayor

          Need to prepare for reporting supplemental budget requests and point to next biennium directions

12.   Science Building - David

          President McClain is supporting $37million for construction of the new Science building.  Consultants estimate current building cost at $54 million; plans will need to be downsized

          Need to consider where cost savings can occur.

          Meeting on 10/26/07 with design consultants

          Plans are to ask for increase in funding, while at the same time considering what is realistic

13.   Hale Akua

          7 acre Huelo property. Possible educational uses proposed for Maui CC; retreats, non-credit  classes being considered

          Members asked to consider possible activities

14.   Radio group agreement

          Katie provided updates

          About to be concluded at the General Counsel’s level

15.   HIEST Program

          Suzette explained program; links high schools and MCC; works towards student success and achievement in contextual learning

          Baldwin and Lahainaluna committed; others to be invited understanding that only 11 high schools will be selected statewide

16.   ABIT upper division research area

          Clyde and Suzette continuing to meet with UHPA to conclude agreements

          Next steps to conclude faculty meetings

17.   College name change

          “UH Maui College” is name being proposed. Chancellor’s Advisory Council is reviewing change.

          Proposed name change will be forwarded to John Morton soon in anticipation of meeting with WASC Sr.

18.   Hawaii Tourism Authority

          Janet Six & Alex de Roode submitted a grant for a sustainability festival to be held on July 27-28, 2008

          Alex to follow up with Pacific Asian Affairs Council on support for speakers

19.   BOR October meeting agenda



          Dental hygiene program

          Alex – SLIM financial plan

          David to obtain system fiscal template for Alex

          Suzette to follow up on possible instructional areas

          David to follow up on Palauea

21. RCUH employee access to staff development funding

          Discussion was held on how staff development funds are utilized and who is eligible.  It was agreed that RCUH staff can use funds

          Funds will also be made available to RCUH employees

22. Student Center Building

          Contractor requested extension to 10/12/07; used furnishing options are possible from Oahu 


23. John Morton campus visit

            9/19/07 – Administrative meeting

          10/19/07 – Campus wide meeting

          Information will be sent out via Maui Announcements

24. Language access plan

          Alvin reviewed requirements

          Alvin will share registration workshop link with members

          Campus signage could possibly be improved through this plan