Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, November 14, 2008

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance: Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Kim Gray, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

1.  Student Affairs: Alvin

Student Housing Update:





Spring Enrollment Update




Online Application Update



Marketing Plan


Hale Haumana student housing to be closed.  Most residents are receptive to moving to new Kulanaa`o student housing. 

Need to determine whether re-purposing of Hale Haumana is permissible by the County of Maui.


716 students enrolled, compared to 575 last year on the fifth day of registration; an increase of 141.  Registration started a week later than last year.  So far, 430 applications have been submitted for spring semester.


Requires assistance from company that can interface with installment payment plan.  Anticipate late December launch date. 


Katie reported on visits with neighbor island campuses.  Many were surprised to learn that we have student housing and a four-year degree.

Katie working with Maui News and Pacific Radio Group on spring radio campaign. Kimberly Brown will be the voice on radio ads to begin when funding is approved.

Over the next four weeks, the main marketing expenditure will be on radio.





Herman reviewing county documents for SMA and zoning.


Alvin to follow up with Manoa regarding process in forwarding applications of students who apply to more than one UH institution. .

2.  Academic Affairs:  Suzette

China Trip




ATP Status





Lecturers for IT


Progress on ATD: Pat & Diane





Technical Support Committee

Suzette visited five Chinese universities and signed MOI’s.  Delivered speech and video presentation to 500 students and faculty at Hunan University celebration.  Found great interest in student exchanges and 2+2 programs. 


Sustainable Sciences:  two applications received for sustainable science positions. 


Gerontology ATP


Need discussed for an IT lecturer pool


Meetings scheduled with Bernadine Fong, who will give suggestions for Achieving the Dream implementation


CCSEE results to be discussed at next meeting.


Charter and possible “Computers for Students Program” being proposed.

Amendments to Charters:  Creation of sub-committees for student tech fee committee. 


Ka Lama Computer Center coordinator, new IT director, and administration representative should be members of the Tech Support committee. 

Technical Support Committee could eventually report to the IT director, once a title and position are created.


Replacement of computers needed in Ka Lama, Kup`a`a, and TLC.    Revenues from student tech fees approximately $73,000 per semester; use is restricted.


A person has expressed interest in making it possible for Maui CC students to create art on computers; may provide laptops to students who do not have a personal computer.  This could be an incentive for students to attend classes full-time. Data show higher completion rate for full-time students.


Suzette to do Powerpoint on China trip for next executive meeting.




Kim to check if position is being advertised continuously. 


Diane to report on progress at next meeting.

Diane to follow up.





Herman to place CCSEE on next meeting’s agenda.










Diane to submit a list of rooms needing computers replaced.



Tech Support Committee to collect data on how many students have computers, then meet with donor to discuss.


3. Admin. Services: David

Budget Restriction Update




Deficit Report


Revenue Update



Update on unpaid tuition for Fall 2008


Report on Reorganization






Renewable energy and conservation

John Morton reported a $900 million shortfall this year.  Council of Revenues is now expecting a larger shortfall.  Another restriction may be imposed by Governor.  College will need to be careful with budgets and spending; if the restriction is imposed, it will need to be covered.


Total deficit is currently at $48,063.


Reporting for Spring 2009 enrollment will begin in December.

Debit balance for Fall 2008 is $98,000. 


Conversation on “pay as you go” ongoing.



Reorganization documents near completion; have been presented to Academic Senate and committees, departments, and units.  Proposed name change of Molokai Education Center to Maui Community College on Molokai will be removed from documents; need to determine implications of change. 


Energy Committee has brainstormed ways to conserve energy, including turning off “phantom loads” and purchasing Energy Star appliances and machinery.


Meetings are being held with Chevron and others to discuss the installation of alternative energy systems on campus.

David to determine what Maui CC’s share may be. 

Will discuss with staff importance of paying vendors on time.






Faculty are being asked for assistance in determining whether students who have unpaid balances on tuition are attending classes.











David to continue meetings.

5.      Chancellor’s Report


Meeting with Barbara Beno regarding WASC membership




Timeline for ATP





Opportunity with Real Estate Maui Style Magazine


New York –ACCT presentation on how programs can be involved in creating revenue




Clyde, David McClain, John Morton, and Linda Jonsrud met with ACCJC president Barbara Beno to discuss Maui CC’s future membership in accrediting commissions.  Any changes in WASC membership from junior  to senior commissions will depend upon number of 4-year degrees offered.


Plan is to take Mark Hoffman’s ATP to Academic Senate in January 2009; may be too late if sub-change needed. 




Magazine is offering to publish on a regular basis articles on sustainability

written by MCC faculty. 


Clyde learned about a program in Iowa that has successfully combined English and math remediation with content areas.  Classes meet five hours per day five days per week. 









Suzette to look into sub-change affect on timeline.

Suzette to ask Mark Hoffman to present his ATP to outside tech group.

Katie will research the commitment required.

6.  Spring Convocation

Convocation to be held on faculty’s first day back, with food at 8:30 a.m. and program at 9 a.m.


7.  Meeting with Dr. Mary McKreown Moak, Sr. Partner MGT of America, Inc.

Funding consultant enlisted by Norman Sakamoto.



8.  Closing Out Grants: Barbara Huntdoft

October 24, 2008 meeting.

Suzette to brief clerical staff regarding closing out grants

9.  Palauea

Cultural surveys, collaboration continuing.


10. NSF Day Conference: Dec. 3, 2008

System-wide publicity – variety of formats