Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, January 9, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance:  Pat Adams, Herman Anaya, Michele Katsutani, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson,

                        Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Marilyn Umetsu





Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

Reports from Vice-Chancellors and Administrators


Administrative Affairs – David






       Update on Management Services Contract

Committee evaluated two proposals and are now awaiting submission of evaluation sheets.  In the meantime, Chris is making reference checks.  Committee plans to make a preliminary selection of a company and have the company make a presentation.


       Update on Re-organization

A draft has been distributed to faculty and staff; deadline for comments is Jan. 21.

Final draft to be sent to system on Friday, Jan. 23.

Assistant Dean position to be described to support both academic support and instruction.


       Update on Sculpture

Right of Entry will be executed shortly; construction should commence in a few weeks.


       Anticipated System-wide Budget Shortfall Update

No change

UH presentation to legislature next Tuesday.  Council of Revenues will also be reporting.  If Council reports less revenues, may affect how legislature will appropriate. Next Thursday, House Finance and Senate Ways and Means.

Next Friday, Higher Education Committee – John Morton to present.


       Budget Restrictions Update

No change


       Revenue Update

As of January 4, 2009, $1,939,683 (target amount is $2,011,242)

Completing the design for new Science Building; will be going out to bid in August.




       Energy RFP

6 companies were pre-approved by the State.  After a preliminary review of the 6 companies, the committee will select 3.  RFP will then be sent to the 3 companies.



















CS to call Abe to find out status.
























Student Affairs – Alvin



       Spring Enrollment Update: 2,981 students; 449 up from last year at this time.  Highest enrollment last year: 2,861;   2,016 students enrolled in fall 2008 and now enrolled in spring 2009.  1,198 students enrolled in fall but not in spring (as of Friday, January 9, 2009).


       Update on unpaid tuitions

Alvin going through list (130 students with unpaid balances from Fall ’08) to see what was unpaid and whether students have received grades.  Students called have expressed willingness to pay.


Typically In the UH System, if students do not pay, they’re unable to register anywhere in the system; now, however, Manoa is allowing students to register if they agree to a payment plan.


71 students

Debit balance - $73,000


       Online Applications – Alvin to provide update:  Program still not usable.

Kamaaina application is working well; counselor from Maui High School dropped off 100 applications.


       Kulanaa`o – Rental policy

150 students in student housing. A building is full; C is halfway full.  B building being used for short-term housing.


An email was sent to Agora expressing concern that student housing is being used for the general public.


Hale Haumana: need to decide which offices will move into the building and when.   Second floor occupancy OK if space is available on first floor for meetings.





































Academic Affairs – Suzette Robinson


       Update on ATP

Gerontology:  Nancy and Lee are revising the ATP to include more social services.

Information Technology:  Currently under review by the STEM dept.

Sustainable Sciences: Currently under review by the STEM dept. with a sub-committee leading.  Positions under continuous recruitment; four applicants.  Advertised at UH, Treehugger, Chronicle.


Applied Engineering:  Program proposal will be out this week.

Applied Ocean Sciences:  Approved by STEM and being reviewed by the curriculum committee.


RDP has supported curriculum development for various programs over the years.


       China Trip follow-up

Suzette to organize get-together with Maui Chinese community groups.

Met with HOST, Culinary; sent HOST curriculum to Shanghai University; looking at 2+2 program.


       Technical Committee and Donation of computers – update from Diane:

Donor gave $150,000 to art program; wants to furnish laptops to students in need.  Meeting January 14, 2009; to consider making the fund sustainable.


       Elaine reported on separation of Early Childhood and Human Services numbers; working with Stephen Kameda.  Lee will be taking the lead; change should occur by next fall.  Of 168 Human Services majors, 56 are Early Childhood (does not include Moloka`i).  College has two Early Childhood faculty, one Human Services.


       Dental Hygiene Degree update – change in progress. 

 ACCJC determined that a sub-change is necessary; to consider application at February 2009 meeting.


       Program Reviews (healthy, unhealthy, cautionary) –new system matrix designates program efficiency, effectiveness, and demand.  Overall, 5 Maui CC programs healthy; 1 program unhealthy; 12 cautionary.

Results of the matrix are being questioned, e.g., nursing program judged “cautionary” because the program is not meeting the demand for nurses in the community.


Some colleges are not posting the results of the program reviews.









































Suzette to check with Cheryl Chappell-Long.


Chancellor’s Report


Chancellors Advisory Council

County Projects

Provided information on County request:

$500,000 – Allied Health

$270,000 – Aging with Aloha

$100,000 – Renewable Energy Proposal. ( OED asked if we could reduce by $50,000.)


       Legislative Activities

Board approved 3 items for Maui CC:

$3.157 million for furniture & equipment for new science building

Asbestos removal

Long range development for Moloka`i (not in executive budget).




Strategic Plan Outcomes Update

Approval of ATPs – MCC addressing community and business needs (asking for feedback from Business Advisory Council).


Suzette to present outcomes at the faculty meeting; past years’ accomplishments to be edited to reflect all that occurred.