The Sept. 10, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting is rescheduled to Sept. 7, 2010.  Please adjust your calendars accordingly.  The following is the agenda to the Sept. 7, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting.  Thank you.



Executive Committee Meeting

September 7, 2010

Ka Lama 102

8:30 a.m.




I.                   Agenda for Sept. 7, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting

a.       Follow up on WASC/Strategic Planning

                                                              i.      Alternate Accreditation Process

                                                            ii.      Status Report Diane

                                                          iii.      Timeline Institutional Plan

1.      Themes 10/1/2010

2.      Groups

a.       Visioning Kulamanu

b.      Assessment Jan and DG

c.       Closing the Loop - Flora

3.      Draft 12/1/2010

4.      Focus Group early Spring

5.      Final Draft 4/1/2011

b.      Vice Chancellor Reports

c.       Board of Regents

                                                              i.      BAS Sustainable Science and Management

                                                            ii.      AS Natural Science

                                                          iii.      Palauea Cultural Preserve

                                                          iv.      Bond Update

d.      Hiring update

e.       Other Matters

II.                Kulanaa`o

a.       Appraisal report  - $13 million

b.      DT asked but have not received financial actuals from Carey Lefton

III.             Other Matters