Executive Committee Meeting

October 22, 2010

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102




Attendance:  Herman Andaya, David Grooms, Spenser Lincoln, Ed Tanji, John McKee, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Tara Nakashima, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha, Elaine Yamashita



I.                    Projected Enrollment Growth allotment – about $700,000.  Increased enrollments and higher tuitions attributed to the increase in allotments.

II.                  Revenue Picture

a.       Collected $3.853 million in revenues (well above our target of $3.790 million)

b.      Debit balance – $252,220

c.       Ahead on revenue projections but behind on revenue collections.

III.                University Center

a.       $34 million statewide broadband grant for UH and public libraries and $2 million for public computer center equipment.  Campus ed centers will be receiving PC equipment as a result.

b.      Information sessions – Degree prep workshops – 15-20 participants per workshops.  Program orientation and assistance with application process.

c.       Circumstances on Hilo required Maui lecturer to teach a class on Maui for Hilo.

IV.                Reports from Vice Chancellors

A.      Student Affair  

1.       Official Student Enrollment

a.       4,367 students

b.      10% increase from students who continue from Spring to Fall (includes graduates).  65.12% of student enrollments continued from Spring to Fall.  ABIT had the highest continuation rate of 86%.  The lowest rate were from students that were unclassified.

c.       John Morton asked that we do a recruiting plan for students who want to return and complete college.

d.      Reverse transfer –students will be able to earn their AA degree while at a 4 year college.  Alvin to provide the number of students that would be able to take advantage of this provision. 

2.       Kulanaa`o

a.       David, Alvin and Carey met with Myles of UH-Hilo to work on a business plan to acquire Kulanaa`o.  Myles indicated that UH-Hilo is considering the construction of a similar facility and estimates the cost to be around $50 million (the appraised value of the building is around $13 million).

b.      Karen – noted that the roofs may not have been installed correctly and materials were substandard.  As such, she heard that when it rains, water seeps through the walls.  Karen recommended that we use infrared to determine whether mold has infested the walls.

c.       Elaine indicated that senate was concerned with the acquisition.  Business plan and other information will have to be disseminated to convince the senate that this would be a prudent buy.

3.       Summer School Tuition

a.       $213 tuition was approved.  System wide group to see how summer session may improve and better marketed.

4.       Marketing Director position

a.       Emily Sullivan  - background in film production, pre-production, financial records and reporting.  Worked on national ads – McDonalds.  Background may not be in education, however, will work with her to have her adjust.

B.      Administrative Services

1.       Financial Outlook

2.       Supplemental Budget Submission

a.       The President’s office reduced our initial submission of the budget by eliminating 2 proposed positions.

3.       Moloka`i Ranch

a.       Ranch is firm with their appraisal of $450,000, while UH believes that its appraisal of $250,000 is more reflective of the market.  Will continue to work with Molokai Ranch to negotiate a price acceptable to both parties.

4.       JCI, ESCO and Bond Financing

5.       Re-Organization Update

6.       Capital Improvement Projects Status

a.       Hawaiian Studies Facility

b.      Science Building

c.       Renovation of Former Science Building

d.      Irrigation Design

e.      Repairs and Maintenance

7.       Campus Energy Project Status

a.       PV Data Output

b.      Remote Power Management Display

C.      Academic Affairs

1.       WASC/Strategic Planning Timeline

a.       WASC – Programs where over 50% of instruction is distance learning will need to do a substantive change.  There may be financial aid ramifications if the substantive change is not done.

                                                                                                   i.      CC should consider doing one submission since other ccs offer the same degrees.

                                                                                                 ii.      Data – how many of AA students completed their studies with more than 50% distance learning (cable TV).

                                                                                                iii.      Many campuses have a distance learning coordinator.  UHMC does not have one.  CIO may assume the duties of a distance learning coordinator.

b.      Handout – Mission, vision, strategic focuses.  Left column – activity.  Right column – who will be participating. 

c.       Will be discussed at CAC Meeting.  Include Environmental Scan

2.       Proposed Degree Programs

a.       BAS – Sustainable Sciences

                                                                                                   i.      Will be making revisions and preparing for the January Board of Regents meeting.

b.      Ocean Studies

                                                                                                   i.      Review is in progress.  Once completed, will be forwarding to BOR for their consideration.

c.       Human services – going through process.  Will be submitted to the BOR for their consideration soon.

                                                                                                   i.      Should this all be submitted together for a BOR meeting?  CS spoke to MRC and she mentioned that she would like to see the development new programs guided by system-wide baccalaureate planning. 

1.       John has developed some templates with respect to baccalaureate planning.

                                                                                                 ii.      MRC has created the University Chancellors’ Advisory Group (but did not include Maui).  MRC indicated that she will work with group to include Maui

d.      AS – Natural Resources

                                                                                                   i.      Approved by BOR

V.                  Palauea Project and Moku`ula Field School Project Status

a.       Obtained support from the Palauea Association Board of Directors.

b.      Obtained approval for the conveyance of the property from the Board of Trustees of the UH Foundation

VI.                Netbook Update

a.       Graduation incentive – 27 students have submitted their receipts.  Advertised through posters, webmail blasts.

b.      Will be evaluating the program and providing our benefactor with a progress report.

VII.              Emporium Model Math Pilot Project Update

a.       John met with Jennifer, Kate, Alf – Jennifer has a system to track student success.

b.      Older students are having challenges.  Working with student services in developing strategies.  Initially, older students complained and now that they have adjusted are praising the course.  John to work with Mark Cook in getting some video clips to document their progress.

VIII.            Personnel Activities

a.       Vacant faculty positions – 12 positions

                                                               i.      Will begin to advertise the positions in January and hopefully make offers by May 2011.

IX.                RDP Proposal

a.       John and Dan working on looking at educational programs that could be included in RDP proposal.  Job placement should be included as well, although the Feds will require us to have performance measures.

X.                  Surveillance Equipment Installation

a.       Working very well.  Has already caught crimes and deterred others.  

XI.                Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Preparation

a.       Representatives from economies to exchange ideas.  17,000 people will be coming to Honolulu for the conference.  MRC asked if we could be prepared to have day trips ready for guests.

b.      Conference will occur mid-November 2011.

XII.              Meeting with President MRC Greenwood in November and Developing and Agenda

a.       College wide meeting planned with MRC – Herman to get info to EC.

b.      Possible meetings with CAC members and Admin. Committee

c.       Presentation on sustainable science degree

d.      Visits to math lab, engineering technology, sustainable sciences, pre-school

XIII.            Elaine – Academic Senate

a.       Quality programs

                                                               i.      Elaine asked to share discussions with Exec. Committee.

1.       Should CTE faculty have bachelors degree.  Some faculty feel strongly that it shouldn't be a requirement, as the skills for the discipline are a big part of being able to teach.  Concern in the system comes from NCLB language for K-12 teachers being "highly qualified" as having a bachelor's degree.

2.       UH College of Ed discontinued bachelors for CTE.

3.       Proposed reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) include language relating to teacher qualifications as “Highly effective” instead of “highly qualified”, a change that may favor the current CTE qualifications.

b.      Policy and procedures committee – Reviewing Senate charter in light of Re-Org.

c.       Discussions on grading consistency across the CC

d.      Budget Committee – focusing on position piece rather than entire budget.  Senate would like to have input on positions.  Positions were reduced from our budget submittal.    Ocean studies and human services positions were not included.  Will be supporting Ocean Studies and human services through RDP.

XIV.            Reminder to forward news stories to Ed Tanji. 

a.       College Search Site – information needs to be checked (e.g. no mention of baccalaureate degree).

XV.              Spencer – will be presenting to the Exec. Committee list of activities (end of the year concert, movies nights, assistance with major selection, Thanksgiving luncheon).

XVI.            Other Matters