UHMC Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of Friday, October 14, 2011


1.  Attendance.  The Executive Committee meeting was convened at 8:34 a.m.  Present were Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto, Kim Gray, Interim Assistant Dean David Grooms, Vice Chancellor John McKee, Diane Meyer, Brian Moto, Karen Muraoka, Allan Pan-Takase, Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori, Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha, Lori Teragawachi, Elaine Yamashita, and Flora Mora.

2.  Visit by Chair and Members of Senate Ways and Means Committee.  The Chancellor and other administrators met with the Chair and Members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee yesterday, October 13, 2011, during the Committee’s visit to UH Maui College.  The Committee was apprised of UHMC plans, activities, and projects.  The Chancellor and other administrators will meet with the House Finance Committee next month.

2.  Institute for Hawaiian Music.  SONY representatives visited the campus and met with the Chancellor, administrators, and IHM faculty.  IHM demonstrated music recording techniques using a tablet computer.  UHMC and SONY discussed the possibility of collaboration with regard to the IHM program and UHMC television studio upgrades.  Further discussions are anticipated.

The Executive Committee briefly discussed reasons why SONY would collaborate with UHMC, including SONY’s possible interest in new content.

3.  Budget Update. Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha reported that Vice President John Morton’s draft budget reduction plan provides some relief for UHMC from potential budget cuts this year; however, next year may pose challenges for UHMC and other campuses.   (UHMC had been facing as much as a $2 million budget shortfall due to electricity rate increases, faculty salary restoration costs, and other expenses.)

Vice Chancellor Tamanaha distributed spreadsheets regarding the FY2012 budget.  Under Vice President Morton’s plan, only 4.88% of an $11.1 million legislative reduction in UH appropriations (or $541,169) will be allocated to UH community colleges.  Apportionment of the budget reduction among community college campuses will be based largely on campus reserves.  Inasmuch as UHMC reserves are small, $0 of the total reduction will be apportioned to UHMC.  The largest reduction, $51,543, will be apportioned to Kapi‘olani Community College. 

Further, UH System will transfer to each community college amounts necessary to make up the difference between projected incremental tuition revenue and faculty salary restoration costs.  The total amount of such transfers to all UH community colleges will be about $1.5 million.

Also, UH System will pay the revenue bond payment of $280,000 due from UHMC in October 2011. 

Vice Chancellor Tamanaha distributed a UHMC Draft Budget Reduction Plan (10/10/2011).  Under the Plan, a number of positions will be frozen to reduce spending this fiscal year.  If implemented, the Budget Reduction Plan would reduce UHMC expenses by approximately $1.385 million and result in a $500,000 carryover reserve.  Vice Chancellors have been asked to review programs in light of the Draft Budget Reduction Plan. 

Vice Chancellor Tamanaha forecasts that next fiscal year probably won’t be as difficult as this year because faculty salary restoration costs are likely to be covered by a projected increase in tuition.  Moreover, UHMC is anticipated to benefit from energy savings from work being performed under contract with Johnson Controls.

4.  Kulanaa’o Update.  Peter Savio has informed UHMC that he has terminated his management contract with the owners of Kulanaa‘o.  The Chancellor and others are communicating with the owners to plan for the transition to new management.  All at UHMC are encouraged to identify potential users for the facility (for example, Engineering Technology, Akamai Workforce Initiative), particularly for summers, the Spring 2012 semester, and the 2012 - 2013 school year.  Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori will serve as coordinator for this effort.

5.  Strategic Planning.  Vice Chancellor John McKee presented a PowerPoint presentation on the UHMC Strategic Planning and Assessment Process.  (See PowerPoint slides.)  The Process involves the Executive Committee, Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness Committee, Faculty and Staff Development Committee, and a Strategic Planning Council (to be formed).  The effort will include the development of Goals and Institutional Level Outcomes.

6.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 a.m.