Meeting of Friday, August 24, 2012





1.  Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at 9:32 a.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; David Grooms; Kerry Holokai; Kaleikoa Ka‘eo; Liane Koga; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Diane Meyer; Brian Moto; Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori; Lori Teragawachi; Ray Tsuchiyama; Susan Wyche; and Cindy Yamamoto.


2.  Enrollment.  Student Semester Hours are down 1.2% percent.  Enrollment is currently 4,367.  The Committee discussed various aspects of UHMC enrollment, including the substantial number of part-time students.  It was observed that many students are not here for degrees or certificates, but for personal interests, and that part-time students often need services.  UHMC’s retention rates are good, but not its graduation rates. 


The Committee discussed the possibility of surveying students to better ascertain their goals.  It was observed that students may not realize the importance or value of a degree.


3.  Revenue and Budget.  Estimated tuition revenue is $4.174 million, 2 ½% down from last year.  It remains uncertain how UH System will allocate $2 million in anticipated budget reductions among campuses.  UH System may consider changes to the proposed criteria for performance-based budgeting.


4.  Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (C3T) Grant Program.  UHMC will be receiving grant funding from the U.S. Department of Labor as part of “Round 2” of the C3T grant program.  Among other activities, the grant will fund an academic coaching program to increase student retention.  The noncredit component of the program will be under the Office of Continuing Education & Training (OCET), which will identify students who could not meet credit programs but are in need of certification.  OCET will work with businesses, and organizations such as MEO, to identify 420 students.

The credit component of the grant program will include “Ready Set Grow”, under Vice Chancellor John McKee.  UHMC grant administrators will need to determine performance goals and metrics.  The program also involves assisting students with job placement and checking on job retention.  Trainers will come on campus to train academic coaches and help start the program.  The Committee discussed possible academic coaches.


5.  Senior College Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC Sr.) Accreditation.  A draft of a graduation and retention report has been completed and is being circulated for review and comment.  The final UHMC report is due in spring 2013.  Ralph Wolff, President and Executive Director of WASC Sr., will be visiting UHMC.


6.  Grants and Special Projects. 

·         Susan Wyche reported that approximately $22 million in grant applications have been completed and submitted. 

·         A letter of intent on a NOAA grant program has also been recently submitted. 

·         UHMC will soon be recruiting for a grant writer. 

·         Work is proceeding on the proposed Food Innovation Center.  UHMC is looking at fund raising and potential clients. 

·         The Chancellor sent a letter to Larry Ellison and his representative on Lāna‘i regarding possible collaboration with UHMC.  The Chancellor also contacted the John A. Burns School of Medicine regarding possible collaboration on a health disparities program.  He also met with representatives of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands regarding aging and health issues.  In September there will be a video conference to discuss further steps regarding the Center on Aging.

·         The Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance grant period has been extended by the US Department of Energy.  Maui EVA will observe National Plug In Day and participate in the Maui County Fair Parade.

·         UHMC has received a grant from the Office of Naval Research for energy-related projects.


7.  Palauea.  The OHA Board of Trustees met on campus to discuss the transfer of title to Palauea Cultural Preserve to OHA.  The transfer will require the review and approvals of the Maui Planning Commission and Cultural Resources Commission.  OHA and UHMC have expressed a desire to provide for the proper management of the property and to meet with the community for input.


8.  UH Foundation. 

·         Marilyn Fornwall will be leaving UHMC at the end of September. 

·         Ray Tsuchiyama reported that he has been working with a donor who wishes to bequeath real property for the benefit of UHMC and its culinary program.


9.  Molokai Land Acquisition.  The parcel adjacent to the Molokai Education Center has been conveyed by Molokai Ranch to UHMC. 


10.  Capital Improvement Projects.

·         New Science Building construction is ongoing.  A soft opening is tentatively scheduled in November, to coincide with the Board of Regents meeting.

·         Renovation of Noi‘i Building is anticipated to begin in summer 2013, after the end of the current academic year.

·         The County of Maui Urban Design Review Board recommended approval of UHMC’s carport/PV project.  A hearing on the project is scheduled with the Maui Planning Commission.   When construction occurs, parking may be disrupted.


11.  Carpooling.  The Committee discussed car sharing and carpooling for the UHMC campus.


12.  International Exchanges.  UHMC has nine Chinese students who will be interns in at the Westin Ka‘anapali Ocean Resort Villas, Makena Beach and Golf Resort, and Kahala Hotel and Resort.

Mariano Marcos State University faculty are scheduled to visit UHMC in September, and students from Mapua Institute of Technology are scheduled to arrive in Spring 2013.


13.  ADA.  The subject of higher education access with a focus on the Americans with Disabilities Act will be addressed by Jane Jarrow in an on-campus discussion on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.


14.  Institute for Hawaiian Music.  Keola Donaghy is providing administrative support for the IHM program.  IHM has lost a number of students, but is rebuilding.


15.  Information Technology.  Interim Chancellor Bhattacharya reported that he worked on network connectivity issues during the first week of school, and learned lessons in the process.  He will issue a digest on security.


16.  Perkins Grant.  UHMC will have approximately $600,000 in Perkins carryover money. 


17.  University Center.  Liane Koga reported that the University Center has about 280 students.


18.  Procurement.  The Committee discussed the use of p-cards.


19.  Marketing and Community Relations.  A photographer took pictures of the UHMC Kahului campus for JCI and its national advertising.


20.  OCET.  The new EdVenture catalogue was issued several weeks ago.


21.  Kuali Financial System.  Delays have occurred in issuing payments to vendors.  The disbursing office has a backlog of transactions to process.  The office is currently processing invoices submitted in mid-July.