Meeting of Friday, May 24, 2013




1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting at 9:37 a.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Cathy Bio; Ann Emmsley; T. Karen Hanada; Vice Chancellor John McKee; Flora Mora; Brian Moto; Deandra Perry; Stephanie Pratt; Kī‘ope Raymond; Vice Chancellor Alvin Tagomori; and Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha.


2.            Scheduling of Program Review Agenda Items.  The Academic Services Program Review will be scheduled for discussion at the next Executive Committee meeting.  The Administrative Services Program Review will be scheduled for the meeting thereafter.  The Information Technology Program Review will be scheduled after the discussion on Administrative Services.


3.            UHMC Budget and Legislative Outcomes.  Chancellor Sakamoto reported that he discussed UHMC’s budget with state representatives.  Representative Justin Woodson met with University President Greenwood and Vice President Morton regarding UHMC’s budget.  UH System leadership will review available resources and UHMC’s request for additional funds.  A UH System decision is expected by early July. 


4.            Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Transition.  As announced previously, Vice Chancellor Tagomori will be retiring as of the end of June.  The Committee acknowledged his many years of service and significant contributions to UHMC.  Chancellor Sakamoto announced that Cathy Bio will be nominated to serve as Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.  Her name will be submitted to the Vice President for Community Colleges for approval.


5.            PV Carport.  Vice Chancellor Tamanaha reported that photovoltaic projects for four O‘ahu campuses will be proceeding, with construction expected to start this summer.  However, UHMC’s project is on hold due to a change in definition of “system” for Hawai‘i renewable energy tax credits.  A telephone conference will be scheduled with JCI to discuss UHMC options.


6.            Summer and Fall Enrollment.  Vice Chancellor Tagomori provided updated information on student enrollment.  The numbers reported reflect the summer purge.  Fall 2013 enrollment is still down approximately 8.2% from last year.  Tagomori and the Director of Marketing and Community Relations have been targeting various categories of prospective students.


7.            Kulanaa‘o.  Agora Realty, owners of Kulanaa‘o student housing facility, will be appearing before the Maui Planning Commission to obtain approval for the conversion of existing two-bedroom units to studio and one-bedroom units. 


8.            Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant Program, Round 3.  The TAACCCT Grant, Round 1, was led by UH System.  A consortium consisting of UHMC and other neighbor island community colleges is leading Round 2.  Parties are now discussing ideas and possibilities for a Round 3 proposal, including prior learning assessment, credit by examination or credit by portfolio for military course work, training, and, possibly, work experience.  Other possible Round 3 projects include food innovation, cyber security, and creative media.  It is unclear at this time who will write the Round 3 grant application.  The allocation of indirect costs among participating campuses has not been discussed yet.


9.            Lāna‘i.  The Chancellor met with Lāna‘i Resort representatives, who requested that UHMC focus on Lāna‘i educational possibilities when preparing any proposals for consideration.  UHMC is revising its draft proposal and will discuss various ideas with the College of Education and others.  Subject areas for such education may include hospitality and agriculture.  The initial draft included infrastructure for a broad range of initiatives.  The revised proposal may be in the range of about $400,000 to $500,000.  In the meantime, the Upward Bound Lāna‘i summer program is proceeding.


10.          UHMC Budget Preparation.  UHMC Vice Chancellors have been asked to consider a zero-based budgeting approach and to examine what is essential in terms of outcomes.  Tamanaha will provide a budget template. 


11.          Summer Training.  Kuali Financial System training will be scheduled during the summer.  Program officers will be provided training on learning outcomes and information retrieval.  Some training will reflect WASC Sr. requirements.


12.          Maui Oral Health Center.  UHMC has been meeting with Malama I Ke Ola, a federally qualified health center, regarding dental programs and services. 


13.          Culinary Program.  Two years ago the Culinary Program annual deficit was significant.  This year, a professional fee was imposed and food costs have been reduced.  The Culinary Program’s operating deficit has been reduced.


14.          Business Processes Acceleration.  UHMC is reviewing and discussing ways to improve business and administrative processes. 


15.          Retention and Optimization.  UHMC has been unable to retain a large number of its students, losing half of them after counting for graduation.  The Committee discussed the need to stay connected with students.


16.          Academic Coaching and Wrap Around Services.  Academic coaching and wrap around services will be launched for developmental math students.  Services will include reading, basic math, career guidance, personal counseling, and English as a Second Language, so as to make a difference in student retention and graduation.