Meeting of Friday, June 28, 2013





1.            Attendance.  Chancellor Clyde Sakamoto convened the meeting of the Executive Committee at 9:33 a.m.  Present were:  Nicole Beattie; Interim Vice Chancellor Debasis Bhattacharya; Acting Vice Chancellor Cathy Bio; Kim Gray; David Grooms; T. Karen Hanada; Diane Meyer; Flora Mora; Brian Moto; Kī‘ope Raymond; and Vice Chancellor David Tamanaha.


2.            Enrollment.  Cathy Bio, Acting Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, distributed copies of a spreadsheet showing enrollment figures for Summer and Fall 2013.  She reported that overall enrollment is down 8.7% from last year.  However, enrollment among recent high school graduates and returning students has increased.  Bio will look into discrepancies between IRO and IT Report figures.

                Student Services is contacting potential students who have applied but not yet registered.

                Bio reported on Kulanaa‘o occupancy.  The student count at Kulanaa‘o is currently 49 (equivalent to 93 beds). 

                Bio reported that 89% of Educational Opportunity Center students enroll at UH Maui College.


3.            Student Services.  Bio reported that she will be meeting with the Office of Research Services regarding the position of debt management counselor

                Bio also reported that Starfish software may be implemented in Fall 2013.  Starfish is a retention software tool with an early alert component that aids communication about the status and progress of students.  An enhanced version of Starfish may be implemented through the TAACCCT Round 3 grant, if awarded.  Information on Starfish is available on the Internet.


4.            Training for Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, and Administrators.  Training for department chairs, program coordinators, and administrators is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 8 and Friday, August 9, 2013.  Training will include a focus on improving student retention. Training location will be determined.


5.            Program Reviews.  David Tamanaha reported that Administrative Affairs has completed its program review and that a presentation is being prepared.  The Department of Information Technology will present its program review after Administrative Affairs.


6.            Personnel Actions.  Diane Meyer reported that recruitment of physics faculty is nearing completion and interviews are being readied for recruitment of math faculty. 

                Lori Teragawachi has been temporarily assigned to work on Hospitality Academy matters.

                David Tamanaha reported that certain personnel matters in Administrative Affairs have been put on hold until budget issues are resolved.


7.            Budget Update.  The Tuition and Fees fund balance is projected to be about $950,000 at FY 2013 year end.  UHMC total fund balances have been reduced by about $1 million to approximately $1.9 million.  For accreditation purposes, institutions are required to have a policy on minimum reserve levels.  UHMC may fall short of that reserve amount.  The Chancellor reported that he may learn more about UHMC’s FY 2014 legislative budget allocation today or next week.

                The Committee discussed procedures and suggestions for developing zero-based budgets.   The Chancellor encouraged departments and programs to develop budget drafts by July 15, 2013.


8.            Strategic Planning Status.  David Grooms reported that two UHMC committees (Strategic Planning Council and Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness Committee (IAEC)) will meet to discuss the UHMC strategic plan and its implementation.


9.            Accreditation.  Diane Meyer reported that work is continuing, and meetings have been held, to develop responses to WASC Sr. comments and questions.  A report on responses is scheduled to be completed by December.


10.          EPSCoR.  The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) project is being led by Vice President for Research James Gaines, who will be retiring.  The UH System EPSCoR proposal will include a focus on developing faculty for cybersecurity. 


11.          Sustainable Lāna‘i project

·         Sixty-five students are enrolled in the Lāna‘i Upward Bound Program coordinated by Melissa Bonnin. 

·         UHMC administration is nearing completion of a proposal relating to education on Lāna‘i (preschool to post-secondary). 

·         Lāna‘i Resorts has offered to refurbish the Lāna‘i Education Center, though there is a possibility of relocation of the Center in future. 

·         There is a potential opportunity to have a UHMC representative on Lāna‘i for new project initiatives. 


12.          UHMC Emergency Exercise.  The Committee thanked David Tamanaha and Angela Gannon for planning and coordinating the recent UHMC/Maui Police Department emergency exercise.  The exercise was a learning opportunity and helped identify areas for improvement, such as the UHMC public address system.


13.          Molokai Education Center.  David Tamanaha briefly discussed a slide presentation on long-range plans for the Molokai Education Center campus.


14.          Information Services & Technology Project Dashboard.  Debasis Bhattacharya distributed copies of a summary of department projects.