November 14, 2005


Attendance:  Scott Broadbent, Dorvin Leis, Bob Lloyd, Clyde Sakamoto, Bill Wong. 

Note taker:   Marilyn Fornwall


Meeting called to order by Dorvin Leis. 


Campus Update: 


  1. Second Decade Project – Clyde presented a map from the mayor sharing a GIS display of development on Maui.  The population will grow and the college must anticipate educational needs.  Linda Johnsrud has met with the mayors of different islands and Maui’s mayor is very supportive.  The mayor has committed $2 million to support post-secondary education but approval is needed from the county council as well. 


  1. Swap Meet – A meeting will be held with the mayor later today to expedite the move of the swap meet to the MCC campus.  The concern relates to flooding around the possibility of a tropical storm and resulting liability for damage to Harbor Lights should improvements be made to the sump area.  SMA permits are required for projects over $125,000 and can cost $50,000 to $60,000. 



  1. Student Housing – The land has been cleared and the components are being assembled in Honolulu.  Parts should be shipped right after Thanksgiving.  Alvin Tagomori has just returned from a recruiting tour and talked to hundreds of students.  Support in London and Germany is also available for promoting MCC as a destination education facility.  Bob Lloyd asked about tuition differentials between in-state students and international students to help understand the drive to bring in international students.  Bill Wong questioned the amount of parking at the new student housing and Clyde reported that MCC is working with MEO to offer a shuttle to the campus.


  1. Board of Regents – The committee members were encouraged to attend the Board of Regents reception on Thursday night.


  1. WASC Review – The WASC executive director and WASC commission chair were on the MCC campus interviewing administrators and faculty.  At the end of the visit the director commented that our processes were excellent and the report should be favorable.


  1. Wind Turbine – Talks continue.  If MCC was using wind energy, the payback period could be as short as two years, funding total and sources unclear at the moment.  Clyde suggested talking to Steve Williams or Curtis Tom on loans to pay for the Wind Turbine. 


Program and Institutional Needs:


Scott reviewed meetings that were held with the program coordinators.  Each of the program advisory committees has a different role.  Bill Wong asked if committee members knew the program priorities and if they had been approached about helping us obtain some of these items.  Scott is willing to work with them on fundraising.  Bill wants a list of the needs to be given to the Chancellor’s Advisory Council so they can ask people they might know for support.  Scott will ask for dates for advisory meetings and he and/or Clyde will attend. 


Computers seem to be a huge need on campus.  There are three federal programs that are replacing three of the labs, TCUP, RDP and NSF.  Bob Lloyd suggested working with Tom Steinhauer since Dell purchased the Four Seasons Resort.  Clyde plans on a sustainable process for replacing computers.  On some campuses the students lease computers.  It was suggested that Scott work with Lorelle since she is working on video streaming in the hotels. 


Lawn mowers are another big ticket item and Bill asked if it was possible to borrow mowers from the county to use on days they are not in use.  Bob Lloyd discussed how successful matching funds were and suggested talking to the state about coming up with initial funding on items that we could try to match.


Bob Lloyd also suggested approaching the Hospitality advisory committee and seeing if they could help get advertising for the college on Aloha Airlines.  Perhaps Bev Gannon could be approached for Hawaiian Airlines.



Alumni Outreach:


  1. The Alumni dinner has been set for February 24, 2006.  The five recipients are Kimo Apana, Gladys Baisa, Georgina Kawamura, Melveen Leed and Suzette Robinson.  Scott reviewed the price of tables.
  2. Janet is working on a postcard to reach 5,700 homes to reconnect with past alumni. 
  3. An open house will be held after the Student Center renovation so the community can see at the new programs and facilities at MCC.
  4. Bob Lloyd discussed a fundraising event he recently attended on the local cruise ship.  We should consider doing something similar as it is important to develop unique fund raising events.


General Resource Development Strategies:


  1. The program advisory committees need to be approached for prospective donors. 
  2. Bob suggested a dinner as a fundraiser, where donors would be encouraged to bring in their favorite waiter or waitress.  If this was done in the winter we could target the part time residents.



Request for Funding:


Clyde has had a request for Adobe software for the secretarial staff on campus.  Bob thought Audrey and Mike might have a contact.  He will check on obtaining licensing.



Meeting Adjourned