April 17, 2006


Attendance:  David Cole, Steve Holaday, Dorvin Leis, Kathy Nelson, Clyde Sakamoto, Curtis Tom, Bill Wong. 


Note taker:   Marilyn Fornwall


Meeting called to order by Dorvin Leis. 


Update on Recent Significant Gifts:  UH Foundation reports were distributed and reviewed, illustrating many of the gifts focus on programs for students.  A $200,000 commitment has been made for the second year by the Case Foundation and the Cole Foundation for the SLIM project.  Broader community support will be sought for programs at MCC.  A gift of nearly $11,000 from Maui No Ka Oi magazine has been given to support our culinary program.



v       The Akaku situation has been resolved.

v       Construction on the Student Center renovation begins in May.

v       Student housing should have 100 apartments available by the end of summer.  Rain has held up progress.  More delays may occur due to sewer issues and materials arrivals

v       West Maui Education Center is almost completed.  A community Advisory committee will review needs on the west side.

v       Scholarship reception will be held on May 4th.

v       MCC has received $7.3 million in grants this year with another $3.3 million pending.

v       MCC will host forums for the upcoming election and encourage students to register to vote. 


MCC-UH Foundation Director of Institutional Advancement Vacancy:  Scott Broadbent is leaving the UH Foundation.  A search has begun for a proactive planner who will look to the future. 


UH Foundation Report:  The centennial campaign has begun full force.  David McClain wants to work with Clyde to reach the Maui community and the philanthropic community.  The UHF is working with the Board of Regents to extend the campaign to 2009 when David McClain’s contract expires.  One idea is to host small receptions in private homes with Clyde and David presenting the college.  The first campaign with a goal of $120 million ended in 2001 when President Mortimer retired.  Corporate support was solicited and this time individuals and alumni will be targeted with a goal of $300 million.


County Council Status: Bill asked to see a budget of needs so the community can look at needs and devise program to get money.  Long term care is important along with the following programs:

v       Nursing

v       Teacher Prep

v       Social Work


Legislative Update:  Legislators are supporting the science building and MCC will work on improving the infrastructure to maintain the building and to offer program support.  New positions on campus will be requested.  MCC has requested $2.9 million from the legislators for maintenance on buildings and help for electricity. 


Program Advisory Committees:  Efforts have been made to meet with them and identify needs.  The new development officer will work with the committees to match up donors with requests, looking down the road for upcoming needs. 


Enrollment:  Some of the challenges we have had on Maui with enrollment are listed below:

v       The local housing situation has controlled population growth. 

v       There is a workforce shortage enticing the students to quit school and work. 


Some solutions to these concerns:

v       Perhaps the mayor could be asked to talk to the Board of Regents sharing how life on Maui is not the same as on Oahu.

v       Look for core support from the community with leadership starting new programs.

v       Financially supporting Maui youth with a B+ grade point average to go to college.

v       Being able to attract and retain faculty is important

v       Offering faculty housing


Education needs to be important in the economic development of the community.



Meeting Adjourned