September 7, 2006



Present:  Dorvin Leis, Curtis Tom, Leona Wilson, Clyde Sakamoto, Cordy MacLaughlin, Marilyn Fornwall


Call to Order:  Dorvin Leis called the meeting to order at 1:00p.m.  The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and approved (m/s/p-C.Tom/L.Wilson).


2006/2007 Development Plan:  Cordy reviewed the development plan and Clyde discussed the MCC priorities. 

v       Student housing:   Dorms are currently under construction.  Another option under discussion is to create a combination housing and conference resource center.  Leona suggested that condos for student housing would be a good investment and that all the risk would be with the private sector.  Faculty housing is another need.

v       Alternative Energy:  MCC is exploring solutions for the campus.

v       Self-supporting programs:  With sustainability in mind, MCC wants to illustrate a margin of excellence and find ways to improve programs without dependence on State and County funds. 

v       Oral Health Center: The unit on Lower Main Street has served 13,000 clients.  Lillian Koller is helping with reimbursements which have attributed largely to the program debt problem.

v       Allied Health:  A facility is under consideration.

v       Professional Development: This would allow staff to keep abreast of their fields.

v       Science Lab:  A new building is 3-4 years away from completion.  Funding is being sought to equip labs to make this transition.

v       Financial Aid:  The idea is to be able to give all Maui County students who meet a 3.0 GPA access to higher education.

v       Baccalaureate Development: Clyde said MCC may explore degrees in Allied Health, Teacher Preparation, Marine Science, and Sustainable Arts.  Curtis questioned whether Accounting had been considered.  A degree is currently offered through UH West Oahu but a Maui-based program may be under consideration. 


Clyde also shared the idea of involving MCC in research to study the needs and opportunities in Maui County.  Firefighters and police are state-wide bargained positions, but the cost of living on Maui is higher.  Additionally, cost of living differences should be studied.


As part of the discussion of the Development Plan, Leona stated that she wants to encourage the women from Wailea to get involved with the college.  Many are already involved in reading in the elementary schools, and perhaps the MCC students could help tutor elementary students.

Scholarships are currently being offered through the Native Hawaiian programs.  Part of the scholarship requires a service component and perhaps this could be fulfilled by helping the elementary schools.  (Kathy Owara would be a good resource)


Scholarship Priorities:  One of President McClain’s goals is to offer scholarships to the top 10% of freshman students where UHF would contribute 50% and MCC 50%. 




Major Gift Agenda: Clyde is organizing a meeting to discuss a sizable contribution from A&B.  Dorvin has been asked to take the lead in cultivating new donations. Clyde and Cordy will meet individually with the Horizons committee members to discuss major donor prospects and solicit their help.


Leona suggested that someone from MCC attend the Wailea Community Association meetings to discuss MCC programs.  Curtis discussed looking for pledges rather than large lump sums from community businesses, similar to the way Kauai United Way raised funds. Dorvin shared details of the YMCA’s recent drive that raised $951,000 just from the YMCA board.  The suggestion was made to approach the CAC board and then reach out to others.


Leona brought up the importance of donor recognition such as the tiles at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.  The college needs to reach out and touch the community and get them engaged.

She suggested that a program on estate planning be offered.


Updates:  Election forums will be held on the MCC campus.  The purpose is to encourage the students to register to vote and get involved in the political process.  Funding will come from the Budge and Development accounts.


Funding has been requested to support a student life fund to help develop the wellness center.  Other funding is coming from student government and student services.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 2:30p.m.


Next meeting:  December 18, 2006