February 11, 2008



PresentSteve Holaday, Bob Lloyd, Karen Williams, Clyde Sakamoto, Cordy MacLaughlin, Marilyn Fornwall  


Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 1:00p.m.


Approval of MinutesThe minutes of the October 29, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved.   


Centennial Campaign Update

§  A&B Proposal – Clyde will be requesting consideration of a $2 million gift for development of 4-year programs:

o   Sustainable Science degree specializing in solar, biofuel, wind energy, agriculture and renewable energy.

o   IT utilizing the new super computer from IBM Gerontology working with the Maui Long Term Care Partnership.

§  Applied Ocean Sciences in regards to teacher preparation

§  Maui Land & Pine – $34,000 has been donated for scholarships and $136,000 has been pledged for some internships, etc.

§  Strong Foundation – A new proposal for $100,000 to support dental equipment was submitted.

§  Weinberg Foundation – dead end – their emphasis is on building projects. 

§  Student Life Center – The inside renovations are completed.  The building includes a dinner theater, bookstore and wellness center.  Cordy will be approaching a prospective donor.  Artwork is needed but the State Foundation for the Arts will be approached.  A $1 million gift has been proposed.

§  Music Institute – A benefactor gave $10,000 to get the institute off the ground.  Maui Symphony and Maui Orchestra want to offer more training and get involved.


Chancellor’s Advisory Group GivingCAC membershave contributed at 85% rate to date..  100% of the Administrative Staff at MCC have given.


Stewardship Update

§  The Class Act – Lunches in the Class Act are a great way to introduce a prospect to MCC.  It is also a good way to thank our donors.  The Lloyds and Williams will be bringing in guests.

§  Maui Chinese Cultural Society – Clarence Wee has been moving this group to support MCC.  We can anticipate $10,000 from the members in April.  The group will be brought in for lunch.

§  Business Forum – Stanford BA-Econ, Harvard MBA, Larry Burke moved to Maui and wants to get involved in the Business Forum. 

§  UH Foundation is looking for big endowment prospects.




Noble Grape Committee:

§  Discussion took place on raising the ticket prices.

§  Change the look of the auction items.  Create experiences.

§  Keep the Noble Grape in the fall but create a new event in the spring to target the seasonal residents, perhaps for the Nursing Program. 

§  Get the community involved.

§  Enlist Audrey to serve on the committee.  Bob and Karen will help.


Next Meeting:  ?