Islands of the World XIII Conference 2014
"Small is Beautiful: Island Connections and Innovations"
Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan
22 to 27 September 2014
Penghu Archipelago Announcement and Call for Papers

Islands of the World XII Conference 2012
"Globalisation: Islands Adapting To Change"
The Virgin Islands (British)
29 May - 1 June, 2012

Suggested Divisional Topics:

  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation
  • Health, Social Development and Philanthropy
  • Financial Services, Tourism and Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship, Caribbean Governance and Business
  • Alternative Energy, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change
  • Education, Literature, History and Culture
  • Information Technology and Disaster Management

Islands of the World XI
Celebrating Island Connectivities
Bornholm, Denmark
23 – 26 August 2010

Information for prospective conference organizers
Conference protocol
Conference site proposal

The Centre for Regional and Tourism Research (CRT), on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, is pleased to invite scholars, students, policy makers and practitioners to the 11th ‘Islands of the World’ Conference, to be held from Monday, August 23rd to Thursday, August 26th, 2010 on the island of Bornholm, Denmark.

Although physically isolated, economically separated from markets, and having their distinct cultural identity, islands largely depend on, and are deeply embedded in, complex relations, intrinsic linkages and strategic connections to the surrounding world.  These configurations of connectivities will be thematically organized around the pertinent issues of change facing the islands of the world today.

Abstracts of around 150-200 words each are therefore invited from scholars, students and practitioners interested in submitting a paper at ISISA XI. Papers will be organized around the following EIGHT themes, all of which are intended to be interdisciplinary. (Those submitting an abstract are encouraged to indicate ONE theme - ‘A’ up to ‘H’ below - that they feel best fits the subject matter of their proposed paper.) Papers drawing on a wide array of research techniques and methodologies are welcome. The themes are:

A: the engagement of islands in knowledge-driven economic development (including the role of higher education, skills upgrade, diaspora tapping, brain rotation and economic differentiation);

B: sectoral perspectives to island innovation (including the role of local creative industries, food, crafts, information technology, niche manufactures, tourism and the ‘experience economy’), and with special emphasis on small and medium scale businesses;

C: the challenges posed by global climate change on islands (and including the impact of sea level rise on low-lying islands and island states);

D: the challenges of switching to alternative and renewable energy on small islands in the search for sustainable futures (including green energy production, reduction of carbon footprints, and island eco-branding experiences);

E: land use planning and environmental stewardship on small islands (including the balance between natural and cultural assets; waterfront/coastal development; and conflict mitigation and management strategies)

F: transportation and the challenge of access (including comparative cost, regularity and choice in island-mainland links);

G: the role of the Arts, Culture, History and Heritage in island identity, character and resilience;

H: social services and economic opportunities (the provision of basic services as well as the promotion and development of opportunities to engage in a sustainable lifestyle, inclusive of wage employment, informal economic activity, subsistence and labour migration).

All abstracts will be adjudicated via a double-blind peer review.

The organizers reserve the right to reallocate papers to different themes, or to edit existing themes on the basis of interest and ‘goodness of fit’ with the conference program.

Find out more information about the conference on Bornholm

Download call for papers (word).

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Islands of the World X
Globalizing Islands; Sustainable Culture, Peace, Resources and Sustainability
Jeju Island, South Korea
25 – 29 August 2008

Scholars, experts, and activists who study issues and problems concerning small islands will make presentations, lead discussions, and interact with international colleagues. The general theme of the
World X is °Globalizing Islands; Sustainable Culture, Peace, and Resources'.

The Jeju Island venue is Seogwipo KAL Hotel convention halls, surrounded by breathtaking sceneries of Mt. Halla (South Korea's highest peak at 1,950 m), the Pacific Ocean, sandy beaches, subtropical plants, and surrounding islets.

There will be an emphasis on the interconnected topics of °Moon Wha' (culture), 'Pyung Wha' (peace), and 'Jawon' (resources) for the creation of Island Cultural Waves for island societies.

It is hoped that discussion of these thematic topics will contribute to our understanding of not only islands' physical worlds but also toward a realization of the inner world of 'Ieo-do' (an ideal island society on the Earth taken from the myth of Jeju Island). Additionally, the Islands of the World X conference hopes to project the uniqueness and vitality of island societies and their peacefulness for the conservation of precious resources and environments for people everywhere. To emphasize this notion of it being a conference based on Jeju and drawing on Jeju culture and history it is built around the basic interconnected themes.

We can taste cultural identity through creation of Somryu (Island Cultural Waves by islanders for islanders) together with events such as the Peace Island School Workshop ( August 19 -25, 2008) and the 1st World Islands Film Festival : WIFF ( August 23 - 25, 2008) at Seogwipo city.

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